Mostly Kinda Nigerian

Mostly Kinda Nigerian



The bed was way too soft, I was sinking in…

or was it just me?

I was unsure how many pounds I’d put on, but the bed was narrowing it down to an upwards of 7 pounds or more.

I’d have to leave soon, the sun wasn’t waiting for my pleasure,

but I welcomed the darkness, It covered my insecurities,

I welcomed the silence, except for the buzzing of the air conditioner which made the vulnerability of my bare body more obvious;

breasts in suspense, protruding tummy moving in and out, my fingers tracing my lips,

seconds felt multiplied as my nipples hardened, I draped the sheets over me for reassurance.

The light gave his light feet away,

“You Okay?” I whispered as he closed the door.

That was a dumb inquiry, I really just wanted to know where he went, but it made him giggle.

He helped my legs apart,

tongue wet, welcomed warmth tracing my inner thighs,

working his way upwards, he paused,

then his mouth met Kitty,

Fuck… I jerked,

I needed a pleasure neutral moan, ummm,

moan Fuck Nneka, I instructed myself,


It was cold, the break was for Ice and Kitty was cold for it.

I’d always wondered how that’d feel on Kitty,

and I was yet to decide on pleasure or just piercing plain cold…

His tongue swirled enthusiastically, enthusiastic to prove he wasn’t just a writer of fantasy,

Shit, I forgot to moan,  “Mhmmn.”

Was he applying the Ice directly to Kitty?

… Okay, I’d decided, it was just piercing plain cold.

I reached for his face and moved it upward to mine,

he looked confused, but I whispered to him,

“I’m really sensitive down there,” I smiled and kissed him.

I liked how I tasted and my mouth appreciated the cold, warm variation.

I’d waited long enough,

“Fuck me” I whispered.

I hope I made it sound sexy, not aggressive.

I mean aggressive isn’t bad, I just needed sexy, sexy aggressive?

He kissed me some more, as his hands scrapped on my nipples while moving down to his penis,

he inserted himself gently into me and I gasped.

Gasping was dramatic enough, I was sure of it, just the right response.

I bit my lips, as I closed my eyes to try and concentrate on him in me.

His thrust grew hard, strong, as he nibbled on my neck,

I loved it, so I rewarded him,

mouth open, quickened, loud breathing.

He stopped! Broke concentration as he leaned back now standing over me,

he spread my legs apart wider, aggressively, I was thankful for my lame attempts at Yoga,

just as he took his dick and smacked kitty hard,



I’d just told him I was sensitive, he must think this was one of his stories.

He motioned me to flip over before I could recover,

I wondered if he wanted me to get into the doggy position.

His bed was too soft to maintain a good arch,

but I got in position, this was going to be difficult, but I tried,

he inserted himself again, it felt pleasurable,

so I closed my eyes to take it all in, no moaning, just silence.

Interrupted again, as he was about to reach his peak,

his thrust quickened, harder,

my calm was shaken by the bed,

as it kept bouncing, along with every jiggle of skin I had,

I needed this to end soon, so a performance it will be,

“Yes Daddy,” “Uhhhhh baby,” YESSSSSS!

“Ohhhh” He convulsed…

Looking so pleased, he interrupted his calm as he asked,

“Did you cum?”