Mostly Kinda Nigerian

Mostly Kinda Nigerian

About Me

Awww you want to know about me?! Great, Welcome ….

Precious is a Twenty something woman (First time I’ve referred to myself as one without cringing) trying to figure out life. The deal is I’ll be figuring it out along with you, If you decided to keep checking the contents on here. We’ll explore Identity, Culture, Language, Love and whatever else pops into my head. Yes I am Nigerian and my identity is so vastly tied into how I see the world. To know me is to know my “Nigerianness.’ 

I Write, Act, Blog and Vlog.  Not that I need a qualification, but I think I’m qualified to do this as I graduated with a Communication Degree (First time my degree comes in as bragging rights, let me have this moment.)

As you can read, there will be a lot of firsts with us, so yeah keep coming back.

That’s all folks, Peace Out. Oh and If you have something to say to me, you can email me



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